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VDO Redi Sensor - OE designed and validated

REDI-Sensor has been developed by Continental, one of the industry’s leading TPMS suppliers. REDI-Sensor is built with the same quality standards and precision as the systems and sensors we supply as original equipment to automakers around the world.

REDI-Sensor advantages for auto service professionals as well for drivers
Faster TPMS service for drivers

If a shop stocks a few of each of the five REDI-Sensors, that shop will have TPMS sensor coverage for most vehicles on hand. That means drivers can get their vehicles back sooner, and shops don’t need to put the vehicle on hold while waiting for a TPMS sensor parts delivery.

More coverage with less inventory

For auto parts retailers, five REDI-Sensor SKUs replace over 270 OE sensors, including banded, snap-in, and clamp-in types. Distributors can substantially reduce the number of SKUs needed for full TPMS coverage and deliver REDI-Sensor without worrying whether their customers have the programming tools, because REDI-Sensor comes pre-programmed. Tire dealers only need to carry a small supply of REDI-Sensors to handle practically any vehicle in for service.

No TPMS sensor programming errors

Auto service pros report that programming errors are one of the most time-consuming issues that trip them up on TPMS service. Sometimes their initial programming attempt is not successful and must be redone multiple times. Other times the programming appears successful, but the sensor won’t relearn to the vehicle. Often this is caused by the need for a software update for the programming tool.

REDI-Sensor comes pre-programmed for multiple vehicles, and therefore needs no programming. No programming means no programming errors.

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