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Huf Intellisens UVS2000 433 mhz TPMS Sensor
Huf Intellisens UVS3040 315 mhz TPMS Sensor - Metal Valve Stem
Huf Intellisens UVS3041 315 mhz TPMS Sensor - Rubber Valve Stem
Huf Intellisens UVS4040 433 mhz TPMS Sensor - Metal Valve Stem
Huf Intellisens UVS4041 433 mhz TPMS Sensor - Rubber Valve Stem
Huf Intellisens Valve Stem Replacements

Huf Intellisens programmable TPMS solution

Currently there are many types of TPMS sensors on the market. INTELLISENS has developed an universal sensor, IntelliSens, which enables service centers to provide a quick replacement. The IntelliSens Universal Sensor is compatible with all originally installed TPMS sensors. As a supplier to major automobile manufacturers, BH SENS also produces OE replacement sensors. BH SENS delivers original parts to many car manufacturers, such as Porsche, BMW, Daimler, Audi, Bentley, Land Rover, and Ferrari. BH SENS replacement sensors have the same quality as OEM parts.
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Programmable Huf TPMS Sensors

Do you like the speed of pre-programmed TPMS sensors but also want the flexibility of programmable sensors? With programmable Huf TPMS sensors from its IntelliSens line, you don’t have to choose. Huf IntelliSens universal TPMS sensors are designed to simplify your TPMS inventory system and speed up repair times. These programmable Huf TPMS sensors can be set up with the latest information to work with legacy, new and upcoming tire pressure monitoring systems. That means they never go out of date. The TPMS sensors in the IntelliSens line also come pre-programmed, so they just need to be configured to work with most vehicles. This saves time during installation.

The IntelliSens line is offered with sensors that broadcast at 314 or 433 MHz. Huf IntelliSens TPMS sensor replacement requires a compatible programming tool from ATEQ or Bartec. These sensors are available with rubber snap stems or silver metal stems. We also offer combo kits that include sensors with both stem types.