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Schrader’s single SKU EZ-sensor® family of products enables ONE EZ-sensor® to cover over 100 million TPMS-enabled vehicles in North America, supporting a diverse set of global vehicle platforms.

In 2010, Schrader launched EZ-sensor®, the automotive industry’s first patented, programmable OEM-replacement TPMS sensor that is fully-programmable to function across diverse car makes and models.

EZ-sensor® is compatible for TPMS installation, relearn, and verification functions. This means that installation requires only the EZ-sensor® itself and a single programming/scan tool to complete vehicle service.

Compatible with all major TPMS programming devices in the market, the family of products can also be fit with a variety of stem options to allow for unique rim fitment.

Schrader EZ sensor Application Guide:

EZ sensor application guide

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