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Tire Pressure Sensor Tools - Diagnostic & Installation TPMS Tools

Installing a new TPMS module won’t do any good if it can’t talk to the ECU. That’s why TPMS.com doesn’t just sell replacement units; we also offer the TPMS diagnostic tools that help you get these components working with each other. That includes TPMS programmers that tell aftermarket sensors what they need to broadcast to the rest of the car.

A TPMS activation tool wakes up the tire pressure sensor so it can communicate with the ECU. On the other end of the system, a TPMS relearn tool resets both TPMS and ECU settings, getting them to work together. These devices also act as a TPMS reader, showing you the wheel module’s current status, as well as its model and serial number. We also offer simpler tire pressure sensor tools that reset the TPMS warning light after the sensors and tire pressures have been checked.