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Tire & Wheel Supplies
Tire & Wheel Supplies.

Quality wheel and tire supplies can make or break your business. Having products that do not meet the quality demands of your customers can cause loss of return business. ShopTPMS has partnered with the worlds top OE tire supply manufacturers to bring you an assortment of validated, OEM quality, tried and tested parts that will exceed your expectations. Wheel weights and tire valves are the staples of the tire replacement industry and our selection will cover all of your tire or wheel shops needs.

Shop TPMS has a variety of Tire/Wheel supplies including:

-Wheel Weights - Clip on Oe style
-Wheel Weights - Stick on, European Aftermarket Style
-Rubber valve stems
-Chrome valve stems
-Black valve stems
-Brass valve stems
-Chrome angled valve stems
-Specialty aftermarket valve stems
-TPMS valve stems
-Valve cores
-Plastic valve caps
-Metal valve caps
-TPMS valve caps
-Nitrogen valve caps
-TPMS service kits