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TPMS Training for Todays Tire Shops

ShopTPMS is proud to be the supplier of choice for the last decade of TPMS. We are offering TPMS training for wheel and tire service shops in the Southern California and Kentucky/Tennessee areas. Our 10 years of TPMS experience along with close relationships with OE TPMS manufacturers can bring you the best in industry information and techniques. The goal is to make your shop TPMS service pros. Our training includes the areas of:

-Identifying damaged/dead battery TPMS conditions
-TPMS sensor part numbers and crossover part numbers
-TPMS sensor installation
-Tire Pressure Monitoring System Relearn process as well as Auto Relearn TPMS resets
-OBD TPMS tools for programming sensors and performing OBD TPMS relearns
-OBD TPMS system unlock
-Custom TPMS options

TPMS Service is a very important part of today's tire shop business. Don't miss out on growth and opportunity with TPMS in your business! Call us (714) 692-8767 or email [email protected]