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Huf Intellisens Programmed sensors

The Huf Intellisens TPMS principle The IntelliSens universal sensor is a preprogrammed sensor for direct tire pressure monitoring systems. All of the information needed is already on the sensor and only has to be configured. The configurable sensor concept saves installation time by reducing programming time normally seen with universal sensors. This time savings is ideal for tire shops, where time means money. That makes fitting Huf Intellisens TPMS ideal for tire changes – such as when the time comes to switch between winter and summer tires – without lots of waiting.

OEM quality for the spares market. Huf supplies retailers with genuine spare sensors in OE quality for all of the systems supplied to vehicle manufacturers. The Huf Intellisens TPMS universal sensor, which is of the same quality and has the same features, was developed specially for workshops. Direct-measurement systems for the ultimate accuracy. Huf Intellisens TPMS is fitted directly to the valve and measures the tire pressure and temperature right in every tire. This information is then displayed by a control unit right on the dash. This measuring method is faster and more accurate than indirect methods that use ABS/ESP sensors. IntelliSens – the quick-changer Fitting Huf Intellisens TPMS is as easy as it is quick – whether you are changing tires or just the sensor. To configure it you use a diagnostic device such as an ATEQ, Bartec or Tecnomotor. Built-in benefits for your customers Your customers will also benefit from IntelliSens. Because they are quick to fit and configure, replacement is so speedy that customers can simply stay and wait. They enjoy the same level of safety and efficiency as with original manufacturer sensors – but more quickly.
Huf Intellisens TPMS